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Hello my dear readers.

I cannot believe that I have not blogged in 11 days.  The truth is that I’ve been “hugging” all of my NYC trip to myself and now it’s time to share.

My daughter Regan outdid herself with making my daughter-in-law Paula and I feel at home.  Her home is a 2 room loft located in “Hell’s Kitchen” which is a cool part of NYC.  You can walk to Central Park or to Times Square where the NY signs twinkle at you every which way you turn.  She has decorated her loft with alot of the things that I gave her (pat on my back) as well as all of her art.  In many ways it looks like an art studio with vintage infused pieces everywhere.  Using old things instead of buying new is so GREEN and I love it!

Saturday we were treated to a brunch at “MOMA’s” private restaurant, by Nina who is a good friend of Regan’s.  The view of the city was marvelous and the food and company was great.   Walking through the musuem, reminded me of why NYC is so magical.  After taking a cab we went into Regan favorite store called Housing Works which is a non-profit organization dedicating all money received to the New Yorkers who are at risk with AIDS.  All of their goods which include clothes, shoes and furniture are donated!  They have an excellent selection of leather jackets and in fact on February 9th they are having a Love N Leather event.  Housing Works is located between 96th & 97th street at 2569 Broadway.  They also have another shop in Brooklyn Heights.  Check it out!

I have to admit that after getting home to Regan’s that day, I put my pj’s on and went “face down boom”.  I could hear all of the young people, Regan, Paula and Julie (family friend) talking softly into the evening.  The next day was Sunday the 29th, Regan and Dennis’ birthday.  Dennis was due in around 1:00 with his wife Jaime ( coming in from Frenchtown, NJ.  Den didn’t know that I would be there, so there was much surprise and excitement in the air.  We all doned our “Big Girl & Boy sneakers” and walked over the Brooklyn Bridge.  Knowing that the bridge has been there over 100 years and realizing that my husband’s ancesters had walked over it was humbling.  We ate in Brooklyn Heights at a wonderful cafe and walked to the Promenade where it was getting to  be dusk.  We could see the Chrysler Building and the lights of NY!  Bliss.  Family, double bliss.

Monday was dedicated to shopping.  We had lunch at Union Square (27 Union Square West)where all of the models work and go to be noticed.  Everyone was dressed just so, with Ford model books for their go sees, but I thought we all looked tres chic as well.  Our first stop  was ABC Carpets which had 5 floors of decor including furniture, antiques, jewely and you name it!  I knew it would be expensive, but I was inspired and  saw many things that I felt I could re purpose and produce at a lower price which was cool.  We visited a very nice consignment shop called “The Second Time Around” on 111 Thompson St. in SOHO where I spied a leather jacket for Paula.  It was HALF PRICE as it had been there for awhile!  Do I love consignment shops!  From there we walked through Times Square and home. 

Now I am home back in Summerville and want to “Thank You” Paula  for the Birthday & Christmas treat as flying me to NYC was such a gift!  I am back to supporting small stores with www.charlestonantiquestores and am excited to report that I am having my first “decorating party” which is an offshoot of my company.  Joy Nelson Lang will be our first speaker talking about how to transition from matchy, matchy by re purposing furniture as well as staging and decorating.  The meeting is going to be held at my house in Summerville, SC on Saturday, March 3rd.  4:30 – 6:30.  If any of you readers would like to attend, please let me know!

As always, it has been fun sharing with you.  I look forward to any of your questions or comments.  Don’t forget to support small businesses!








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  2. Regan Cahalan says:

    I love the blog!! Great job, Momma. My favorites of the weekend were: Kate’s Paperie; the most spectacular Colombian food EVER; “Punjab? Oh yes, I know it”; and all the hot chocolates! We did some serious walking! 🙂 The beauty of having visitors in NYC is that the New Yorker finally gets to do the exploring they’re always too busy to do themselves. I had such a great time. You two are invited back anytime. xoxo R

  3. Nina says:

    This is the best website dedicated to Antiques in existence! Tina Cahalan’s eye for beauty, luxury and taste is on par with Sister Parrish and Yves St. Laurent. When I’m next in Charleston, I will be sure to visit all her recommendations.

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