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Last night in the poring rain and whipping wind, 15 women gathered at my home in Summerville, SC to celebrate first event by talking about their decorating needs and to listen to Joy Nelson Lang, our speaker of the night,  talk about how she evolved into a decorating career and her newest project “decorating a model home at the Club in Legend Oaks”.

Just goes to show you that when you talk about design, decorating and updating a home, nothing will keep us away from learning more.  In a world where blogs and websites keep us entertained with DIY projects and cutting edge design, it was refreshing to see all of us gathered under “one umbrella”, no pun intended, to discuss and share our needs.

A special thanks to my daughter-in-law Paula, for being at my side last night and for her encouragement and support throughout the process of starting this business.  11 years ago when Paula walked into my home in NJ she thought it looked like a “Grandma” house as she had never seen so many antique pieces in dark wood in her whole life.  Talk about matchy, matchy, I was a clone.  And now I am taking a risk and re purposing and up cycling my furnishings and watching them evolve.  It’s been a journey of change and I am definitely travelling high and wide to explore new things to add or edit in my home.

I also want to thank “Joy Nelson Lang” for sharing her “decorating smarts” and inviting us to go to see the model home that she decorated for the “Club” at Legend Oaks.  Listening to her story of her family’s furniture store that goes back several generations and her being inspired by the design was fascinating to hear and see through her eyes.  She talked about the things that she’s re purposed and selling at Chic Antique as well as now having a “shop” at “Southern Accent” the Designers Showcase in Mt. Pleasant.  Every time, I visit that store, I am swept away with the individual “shops” to explore.   More than 50 vendors captured in one place highlighting cutting edge design, re purposed furniture, art, vintage, antiques and new specialty items all under one roof.  I treat myself to this store once a month and always come away with bags and inspiration.  Sorry, Frank.

Special thanks also goes to Michelle, the owner of “The Squirrels Nest” here in Summerville who in spite of her very busy schedule showed up and shared her expertise in the antique, vintage and decorating world as well.   Michele will be hosting 2nd event on April 15th.  Stay tuned into our Events spot to let you know all of the details, including a “silent auction” of some of her special finds!  You will not want to miss this!  Although this will be listed, you must still RSVP to ensure that there is room for you to attend.  We are expecting over 50 people, so book your spot now by emailing me.

We also enjoyed listening to Jametta Rooker who sells her “cool wares” at the Tea Farm Cottage in Summerville.  She not only sells Vintage, she arrived wearing “Vintage” and looked fabulous!  She will be our third speaker with details to follow! 

And finally, last but not least,  my friends and the friends they brought with them.  Freddie, Patricia, Tina, Lynn, Peggy, Peg, Capri, Joan and Sheila.  Everyone had a “decorating story and dilemma” that was unique.  One was on the verge of an offer on a new house being accepted and all that follows with decorating a new home, another wanted to update a master bedroom in a house over 150 yrs old, many of us needed help with paint colors(thank you Ashley at Sherwin Williams” for your donations) and many of us talked about highlighting our collections.  Three of us needed ideas on adding back splashes to our kitchens.  Lowe’s, are you donating ????!!!!!

Until we meet again, good luck to all of you “designers” out there.  Being surrounded by my Mom’s things, my acquired treasures makes me smile.  It’s good to smile.  I am blessed.




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