Shopping in a Fabric Store & Finished Projects

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I was on a mission to buy a yard of IKAT pronounced EKAT which is the one of the hottest new trends in material.  When I saw it the first time looking at the blurred edges of the design it reminded me of Batik which is really dating me back to the 70’s, right?  I went to my favorite material store in the greater Charleston area and that’s “Fabric Emporium” which is in Mt. Pleasant.  Teresa was there and is such a good help with design. I told her how I was transitioning from stuffy traditional to a more mixed look and after describing the chair I was painting we picked two fabrics and she nudged me towards the turquoise and white IKAT.  When my husband so the material his eyes grew large, but he said he trusted me.  What a compliment!  We recently had our best friends Lori & Ken as houseguests on their way to Bonita Springs, FL.  Lori commented that I keep changing things up in my house, and there is always something new to look at.  She said that in her house, she conquers a room and then her house and then she wants to sell it and start all over.  Just goes to show you we are all different with decorating.

After deciding to host my first decorating/networking group at my house, my little head is looking at everything with a keen eye.  Nothing like company to make you hustle with projects.  When I finish the chair that I am painting and then covering with my new fabric I will show the results.

Speaking of projects, I finally finished my son’s Jerrys’ “art installation” which was made out of old ribs from a wooden boat that he and his Dad are refinishing.  He loved it and that evening had it up on his wall and sent the finished project for me to share.   I love that I didn’t have to buy anything, even the screws came out of the original boat.  I told him that I had named it, “Old Ribs Never Die”.  As re purposers, we always have to look at something in a new way.  So much fun.  So please tell me what you think.  If you see it in Pottery Barn, you’ll know where it came from.  Ha!

Last, but not least I visited Michelle at The Squirrel’s Nest yesterday.  She was in the middle of loading a customer’s car with a beautiful navy blue leather chair.  I hadn’t been in her store in two weeks and that was my loss.  It just goes to show you that you have to visit your shops every week as their inventory changes daily.  I’m delighted that Michelle is going to join us at our Decorating group.  Her knowledge of antiques and the way she merchandises her collections is definitely worth the trip.  The Squirrel’s Nest is a Premier Store listed on   Happy Treasure Hunting! 


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