Spring is in everywhere you look!

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Hello my friends.

My observation this week, while I was visiting all of the antique, vintage, design, specialty and consignment stores, was that everyone was showing off their “green” and I’m not talking about St. Patrick’s Day!

I saw pops of color signaling Spring everywhere.  Visiting Chic Antique, I noticed that the colors and fabrics are all tuned into this beautiful Low Country time of year.  It’s reminiscent of a beach house filled with driftwood and reflective light.  Chic Antique is an “artists marketplace that offers new and old furniture and decor with  “changed up” design.  This is a “must see” Mt. Pleasant design store. www.charlestonantiquestores will be hosting our May Event at this store.  Stay tuned to the events page!

  At “The Squirrels’ Nest” you drive up and see all of their pots, iron, urns and chairs brimming over with snapdragon and ferns.  There are iron tables with chairs set up to encourage you to sit and just take in the sun and wildlife.  While I sat, I took in all of the little vignettes of iron, metal, pottery and wood. Then I realized that I hadn’t even gotten into the store where treasures abound and you can see that “Easter is in the air”.  Don’t forget that April 15th from 2:00-5:00 is our “April Event”  where we will be having a “silent auction” and there will be savings on “special items”.

I saw Samantha at “Simple to Sublime” in her new location on “short Central” in Summerville.  This is a “specialty” store that showcases “handmade by the owner” soaps, creams and all things soothing to the soul as well as “designer shoes”, select clothing, home decor and one of a kind jewelry.  This store celebrates the “global artists” as well as our own Low Country artisans with  a Bohemian flair that always makes me want to buy something.  I was feeling a little frazzled when I stopped in and thought I would buy one of her wonderful smelling lavender creams, but I saw a darling “cross” made with threads of metal and stones and I couldn’t resist.  Crosses are one of my many collections.  I group them together on my bedroom wall and always make smile when I see them.

Next, I visited “Marigolds” which is my favorite “gift” store.  Unfortunately for Frank, the “gift” is usually for me!  Sorry honey.  This is home decor and more.  I had to visit her new opened “salvage” shop that is filled with old shutters and vintage iron.  This is not a “traditional Antique” store, but you will find vintage and new treasures and always good design. 

Then I came and looked sat in my porch and just thanked God for all of my own Spring blessings right now.  My “Mackenzie” garden named after a little family member that died way too young, was just brimming with verbena, snapdragon, roses and marigolds.  The butterflies were dotting the flowers and the bees were out.  I’m getting ready for family to come and visit and we are all going to NC to celebrate my sisters Leslie’s 50th wedding anniversary.  At the end of April, Frank and I will be entertaining and visiting with two of our wedding groomsmen and their wives.  We’re only married 40 years, but who’s counting when you are still having fun.

I hope that all of you will be inspired as I am, by just looking around you the next time you go out!

Happy Spring!


PS  I just heard that my daughter Regan who lives in NYC will be having a “one man art  show” for her newest collection of “women using Mixed Media ”  Guess who will be goingback to NYC in June!





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  1. I have nothing else to add to this topic other the need to further understand it. You efforts putting this blog together was worth the while.

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