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Shopping in Summerville gets me hooked every time.  Yesterday, I just had to drop something off for a friend and ended up in two of my favorite shops.  I went to visit Samantha at Simple To Sublime at her “new digs” on Short Central.  Unfortunately she wasn’t there, but just visiting her store gave me tons of design inspiration.  She had me smiling when I saw her “bohemian looking sign” on the brick walled building side.  It reminded me of walking in Soho or the village in NYC.   She positioned a vintage door when you first come in to create a little “entrance foyer” but also to use for the items that she sells.  She married new chrome items on hooks on the door which mix the new with the old.  Her desk (counter) was outfitted with metal and looked so retro and urban, and her dressing room was genius with beautiful hanging flowered panels.  You have to visit this shop to take in the whole experience.  You step down into her shoe and clothes salon which is vibrant with color and you just want to sit down and sip sweet tea while you take everything in.  Samantha mixes her potions in another step down brick lined room  where  you immediately start smelling the magic of her creams, lotions and soaps.

I decorate my home with a “whimsical” feel because it makes me smile to be around the things that I love.  Growing up in the 60’s has given me a lot of whimsy to work with.  Visit Simple to Sublime and you will come away with a smile and a bag of goodies to either wear, slather on or decorate with.

Then I stopped over to “The Finishing Touch” which shares space with Rae Rocco’s.   The Finishihg Touch has been in business for 13 years and is owned by Heather Leitermain who is a professional framer as well as an interior designer.  I had three pieces of mine framed and always get compliments on them.  I have a grouping in my living room that I’d love some advice on.  I asked Heather if she would come to my first “Decorating Group’s mtg. to talk about picture groupings and how an interior desigjner can make a difference with your house without buying anything. Heather very graciously said of course she would so I have now “booked” my first Summerville business owner professional for my group.   Heather has her frame shop in this huge old store amidst new specialty items and Rae Rocco’s consignment “antiques, art and vintage pieces”.  You can spend a lot of time in this store because it is filled with treasures to give as gifts or to decorate with.  Paintings and pictures line the wall along with unique jewelry, vintage china, new garden items and more.  Visit her store, bring in your prints and see what magic she can conjure up with matting and frames.  It’ll be worth your visit.

After having my company on Saturday, I am now spurred on to finish my guest rooms.  They are both almost there and when I’m finished, I’ll post some pics to see what you think.  Wish me well!



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